Stop calling the Bible word of God, a pastor gave reasons

The controversial Nigerian Televangelist who is the Founder & General Overseer of Abel Damina Ministry, Pastor Dr. Abel Damina in a video on YouTube minutes ago, told his members that the Bible is not the Word of God. He went further to give his reason for saying so.

Pastor Abel Damina: “In the Bible Satan spoke, in the Bible liars spoke, in the Bible thieves spoke, in the Bible Angels spoke, in the Bible men spoke, in the Bible evil spirits spoke, and in the same Bible God spoke. So the Bible is a combination of speakings. Not just God but liars, demons, animals and sinners all spoke.

So that is while the Bible is not the Word of God but the Bible contains the Word. This is because the Word of God is not paper and ink, the Word of God is a person. Who is this person? Jesus is the Word of God. The Bible contains testimonies of this Word. So stop saying the Bible is the Word of God”.

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