Look at what this pastor said about a sex style

Look at what this pastor said  about a sex style
Look at what this pastor said about a sex style

Look at what this pastor said about a sex style

Sister Catherine better known as ‘Sister Kate’, a famous Nigerian evangelist who is known for her revelations about rapture, has revealed a message she claimed to have received from the Lord about ‘sex styles’.

This was disclosed on YouTube minutes ago by a popular handle. According to Sister Catherine, this revelation came to her after one of her disciples asked her to watch a video about “sex styles” online. She mentioned a couples of styles that many people use while making love with their partners.

According to Sister Kate from the video: “When I saw the video, it reminded me of those days that I was in the world of pornography. I didn’t watch the video to the end because I don’t want to corrupt my eyes. I was displeased after seeing that video, then I went home and asked God what is He saying about this?

Here is what the Lord showed me the next day that I should share with His people. The Lord opened me eyes to see the Book of Songs of Solomon 8:3, and He said that is the answer I am looking for. God showed me that married couples don’t need the well known cowgirl style on bed.

As husband and wife, you are doing all these acrobatic styles, it is a sin because God never said anything about it when He constituted the first institution called marriage. Don’t listen to those messages that encourages different ‘sex styles’ on bed because the Lord showed me that it is a sin, and whatever is seen as a sin against God, takes one away from Heaven”.



However, according to her, the recommended style for couples is found in the Book of Songs of Solomon 8


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