How to Know Who Called You When Your Phone Was Switched Off (All Networks)

Are you so busy at work that you forget to turn on your phone during working hours or that your phone shuts off unexpectedly due to a low battery? If you answered yes, knowing who called you when your phone was shut off will be useful.

In this post, we’ll show you how to enable Missed Call Notification on your SIM cardso you can find out who phoned you even while your phone is turned off.

All the networks have made provision for us to know those that might have called us when our phone is off. In MTN it is termed “MTN Missed Call Notification”, 9mobile it is called “Missed Call Notification” and Airtel & Glo “Missed Call Alert”.
Below are the full details on how to subscribe to this service on MTN, Airtel, and Etisalat, so you can know who called you when your phone is off.


To Activate;

  • Text SET 01 to 100. “You have successfully subscribed to Missed Call Alert for free”.

To Deactivate;

  • Text SET 02 to 100. “You have successfully unsubscribed from Missed Call Alert”.

That’s all you need to subscribe to and unsubscribe to this service on MTN.


To Activate;

  • To activate this service on Etisalat, dial *229*269*1# and you will get a message notifying you that you have successfully activated to Missed Call Notification service.
  • SMS: Send MCNON” to 269 to activate

To Deactivate;

  • To deactivate, just dial *229*269*2#, and will also get a notification that you have successfully deactivated the service.
  • Send “MCNOFF” to 269 to deactivate

Note: This Service is available by default on MoreTalk, Elite World, and Elite Prepaid lines and does not require activation.


To activate;

  • To activate this service in Airtel, dial *321*881#
  • You can also send START to 121 to activate

To Deactivate;

  • To  deactivate this service in Airtel, dial *321*883#

How to Activate Glo Missed Call Notification

To activate;

  • To know the status of the plan, text STATUS to 606
  • To activate, text START M to 606

To Deactivate;

Activating this service will enable you to know who called you when your phone is off. You will receive an SMS when your phone is switched on, notifying you of the mobile number, time & date of those that called you. On Airtel, the caller will also be sent an SMS notifying him/her that the number they tried to call is now available. So they can choose to call back or not.

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