FB ADS -How to Get Paid on Facebook

FB ADS -How to Get Paid on Facebook

Okay guys, so welcome back. In this video, I’m gonna be showing you how to monetize your Facebook profile right now, what I mean. This is not all about monetizing your page, but all about monetizing your Facebook profile. All right. Now, as you can see, this is my Facebook profile, and then I decided to modify this profile.

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And this is very, very real. Okay, Now this time around you are not to be monetize to your Facebook page, but a profile and it’s real. Okay. Now how to get started. First of all, all I want you guys to do is to please much like button of this video, subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to be receiving lots of tech.

Tips and, uh, lots of videos concerning the specific, uh, um, tips. Don’t forget to please give a thumbs up of this video, subscribe and then wait for my next video. Alright. Now, like I said, I’m gonna be showing you how can naturally modifies your Facebook profile if you are the typed, Um, um, Post consistent.

This is the, um, this is the best chance for you to start modifies your Facebook profile right now. This is re and you get paid. Now, first of all, you have to open your Facebook mobile app. Then you move over to your Facebook profile. As you can see, here is my Facebook profile. You click on the storyline icon.

Now once you click on this way and I go, um, yeah, you come over, I click on tone on professional mode. Now this is what you need to know. Uh, it might be available on your Facebook profile, but not all profile. Alright? Now once you come over via, then you click on tone on professional mode. Um, if you’ll be watching my video.

I’ve been showing you steps guideline on how to turn on a professional mood for your pages, and this is for Facebook profile. How you can be able to modify that gets paid user Facebook. All right, now I’m gonna be clicking on it. As you can see, this is, it gets paid for your contact. Like I said, if you the type that.

Context consistently, this is the best chance for you to start earning money. All right. Then click on turn, but I’m not going to be clicking on Toon. You can move over to the next page because if I click on to, there are some features that will be missing or think and um, go back. I’ll revert this type.

Okay. Now this is how you can equally do. Due to get paid. Using your Facebook profile, it’s very, very easy as a Facebook profile owner, you have to also pick up, discharge and start earning money from your Facebook account. All right, now as time goes, I’m gonna be drop video on how you can also set up things.

Cause I need all this. Alright, now if you love this video, so forget to please. Top up of this video subscribe and state rev. I unlock a new related video like this. All right, now if you have, okay, Now if you have any question, don’t forget to please drop it down in the comment section on this video, and if I find a comment, I’m going to give you the best that I can.

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