Ebele Obiano: A letter of Apology to Soludo

Ebele Obiano: A letter of Apology to Soludo
Ebele Obiano: A letter of Apology to Soludo

Ebele Obiano: A letter of Apology to Soludo

Wife of the immediate past Governor of Anambra State in South-East Nigeria, Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano had publicly apologized to Governor Charles Soludo for causing mehem during his swearing in ceremony by going physical right at the ceremony ground with Bianca Ojukwu, widowed wife of the late Igbo ethnic leader, Odumegwu Ojukwu, thereby disrupting the occasion.

Ebelechukwu  Obiano tendered a seemingly sincere apology to not only Soludo, but also to other dignitaries in the society who were present at the ceremony. She noted that indeed, there was no justification for what she did and all the public embarrassment that they faced that day, seeing that she has always been a promoter of peace, especially for the past 8 years.

Her speech reads thus;

“Those who know me can testify that before and throughout my eight years as the First Lady of State, I pursued peace, promoted philanthropic gestures which empowered many of our less privileged people. No excuse can therefore be tenable as justification for such public embarrassment, no matter the height of provocation.

“Equally, I wish to extend the same apology to all the important dignitaries, the people of Anambra State, as well as the entire Ndigbo for that unintended embarrassment at the occasion.”

Recall that for days now, the news of the fight between Bianca and Ebelechukwu has been trending on social media, especially since it took place in public, at the inauguration of Soludo into office as the new Governor of Anambra State

The video of the fight which went viral had revealed that while the ceremony was going on, just after Soludo was being sworn in, Ebelechukwu Obiano briskly walked over to Bianca who was seated some miles away from her, she was seen talking to Bianca in a way which seemed like she was confronting her. Infuriated by anger, Bianca got up and gave her a resounding slap which attracted everyone to them, including the security officials.

Ebelechukwu Obiano who was shocked at Bianca’s reaction wanted to retaliate but was held back by the security who rushed to the scene to save the situation.

While giving his speech that day, Governor Soludo noted that the two women were fighting for personal reasons.

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