Do you fall asleep after intercourse?see Why

Do you fall asleep after intercourse?see Why
Do you fall asleep after intercourse?see Why

According to “Menshealth”, Most women consider the husband’s sleep immediately after the intimate relationship that he is not satisfied with the relationship or that he does not enjoy it. But the thought is wrong. Many reasons push a man to sleep immediately after intercourse, some of which are psychological and some physical.

This scenario has brought many controversies online that engage people in talking. However, in this article, I will be discussing the reasons why people fall asleep immediately after intercourse.

Here are the main reasons why men sleep after having intercourse with their wives.

When the human body in general and the man, in particular, is tired, after a hard day’s work, which makes the husband sleepy. As he programs his brain that he will have intercourse and sleep.

Before desire for intimacy in a man and during excitement, the body secretes the hormone called noradrenaline, which increases gradually until it reaches a sudden drop in the man accompanied by a feeling of sleepiness and the need to relax.

When a man reaches the mode of intimacy, the brain also secretes the hormone prolactin, which helps him sleep and relax. The nature of discharge in men requires greater physical effort than in women, so the body needs to rest after it.

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