Ameno Amapiano Remix was bound in streamin platforms , see why

Buzzing Goya Menor, a Nigerian rapper, offered a lengthy explanation as to why his hit song “Ameno Amapiano (remix)” was removed from several streaming services.

Remember that the music was previously deleted from streaming sites like Spotify, only to be reintroduced afterwards. “Ameno” by French new-age musical project Era is sampled in the song, which is owned by Goya Menor and Ghanaian record producer Nektunez. It is common knowledge that in order to sample any form of intellectual property, the party who owns the property must be contacted and the sample “cleared.”

The Amapiano remix, which includes the original song’s Gregorian chant, has become a worldwide hit, with TikTok playing a key part in its dissemination.

The rapper, who is frequently considered as a hypeman, revealed in an interview with City FM’s Melody Hassan that the song had been cleared initially by Nektunez, but that the remix had surpassed the agreed-upon number of plays, which is why it was removed. However, the rapper stated that the appropriate authorities were contacted and the song was fully cleared, allowing it to be re-released on streaming sites.

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