60-year-old man who reversed his hypertension.(see the source)

64-year-old man who reversed his hypertension.(see the source
64-year-old man who reversed his hypertension.(see the source

64-year-old man who reversed his hypertension.(see the source

Today, we talk to Pa Tunde, a 64-year-old man who reversed his hypertension. He tells us how…

“Hello, this is Pa Tunde,

On 2nd February, 2017, We were all celebrating my second daughter’s 12th birthday in the living room when I started feeling dizzy.

I accidentally slipped and fell down.

I instantly became unconscious.

My wife rushed me to the hospital.

I had fainted on the floor of my living room.

That day, the doctor ran some tests on me.

I had to wait another day in the hospital to get my test results.

The news that sank my heart finally came.

“I have Hypertension.”

Months before that event, I noticed that I started feeling strange.

My body was getting weaker, I was having severe chest pains, and shortness of breath. My eyesight was deteriorating badly, and the headaches were increasing by the day.

I didn’t pay attention to them. I thought it was something that would go after a long rest, since I work a lot, but they didn’t.

I started suspecting it was hypertension because I remembered my mom going through the same symptoms, but I waived it off.

But here it was, I was a Hypertensive patient.

The doctor prescribed a number of drugs to reduce my blood pressure.

But none worked…

I tried exercises…

I couldn’t keep up because of my constant fatigue.

I tried dieting…

It didn’t work. I was gaining weight, and my blood pressure was increasing.

My energy level was dropping by the day. I didn’t have time for my work and my family.

All the things I did to reduce my blood pressure were abortive. I didn’t know why they were not working.

The more I tried, the more my blood pressure increased.

My eyesight was becoming bad. I started having blurry vision.

My doctor couldn’t figure out why this was happening.

Instead, he administered more drugs and injections to me.

I was getting tired of it all.

I didn’t want my kids to end up without a father.

At that point in my life, I wanted to live more than anything else.

I wanted to see my kids grow, and I wanted to be there for my loving wife.

After trying out everything and almost giving up, a very good friend sent me a video. He told me that hypertension could be stopped naturally.

Of course I was not sure about it… If it was true, why has my doctor not told me about it?

But after all, I had nothing to lose so I watched this video.

And I must say I was very surprised!

Inside, I learned that a Nigerian doctor, who is based in India, had found a natural and effective way to normalize high blood pressure, using what he calls “The 2 in 1 HBP Destroyer”.

And his patients manage to get rid of their diabetes, in almost 100% of the cases.

So I followed the recommendations of this video, without much hope I must admit.

The first week, I didn’t see any changes. I was heart-broken.

I thought this was it…

But I didn’t stop using it since I wasn’t seeing any side effects.

I almost gave up after 3 weeks passed without any noticeable difference!

But I held on to my small faith and kept at it because many of his patients said they didn’t have good results until the sixth week too.

Lo and behold on the very fourth week, things started happening fast!

I could feel my strength coming back.

My constant headaches and chest pains were slowly reducing.

My blood pressure had come down to 130/80 mm Hg from 140/90 mm Hg I recorded the previous week.

I was feeling my energy increase everyday.

Before the end of the week, I was recording a little bit over 120/75 mm Hg.

I thought it was a dream, so I went to my doctor to check myself again.

My doctor was “extremely surprised” by my blood pressure readings. I was at 119/70 mm Hg when I went to see him, at 10:30am in the morning.

My doctor could not believe what he was seeing. My blood pressure had stabilized.

We checked again, and again, and again to be sure.

But the result was the same.

Joy filled my heart.

I hurriedly rushed home to spread the good news.

My wife couldn’t hold back her tears.

Years of suffering were finally over. I now have time for my family, and also for my work.

Every day I thank God, and especially my friend, for sending me this video.”Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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